Friday, 26 August 2011

iMac back and healthy!

Woohoo all back and working nicely.

Another new LCD screen (without dead pixels this time),  also purchased  Apple Care and 40% off even though I was out of warranty  so now I have 2 years of support :)

Once again a big thankyou to the people at Apple Store Reading.  Very helpful.

Now,  when am I going to get time to edit all the movies I have lined up?

Monday, 15 August 2011

iTunes account authorised to my pre tech support iMac

Grr getting my iMac ready for it's next trip to the Apple store.

I think this time I'll de-authorise my iTunes account  so that I don't lose another of my quota of computers I can link it too.

Not a major problem but, somewhat of an irritation.

In a similar way to the way that Windows asks you to re register when it detects a significant hardware change  iTunes recognises that it's not the same computer you previously used your account with. annoyingly they only let you hook it up with 5 machines.

You'd have thought the tech support people might have taken care of that for me given they decided to change the damn mother board.

So anyone know how to deauthorise an iTunes account from a machine that no longer exists?

Time to consult the mighty G I think.

More iMac probs.

Further problems with my iMac! found some dead pixels on my replaced LCD screen.

Quite possibly not spotted by the tech support people as they didn't bother to clean off their grubby finger prints from the glass. (ever heard of quality of work or even pvc gloves?)

Despite several attempts I've not managed to get them all off, not very good quality of service.  The geniuses at the Apple store were really embarrassed at the state it had been left in when I went to pick it up last week.  Clearly this is not the service they expect from the repair people either!

Amusingly I did a search for reconditioned iMacs and found one identical to mine reconditioned for about the same price as the repair work which additionally came with 12 month warranty and the option to purchase Apple Care. Needless to say I shall be using this as ammunition to get a bit more than the crappy 90 day warranty I have been given on the repair work.  My confidence in the not only the build quality but the quality of the repair work has shaken my faith in Apple, I will definitely be demanding compensation.

Bad for the people at the Reading Apple Store, they have been very helpful and it truely isnt their fault but, they are on the front line.

Sadly I am facing further time apart from my beloved iMac :(

Friday, 12 August 2011

iMac back from surgery

The last 2 weeks have been stressful,  I have been without my iMac. Its amazing how much I missed it and how much my other half's laptop didnt quite fill the void of Mac lovelyness.

So, whats happened?

Well in short my iMac went in for major surgery to replace the LCD screen.  Actually no,  that was the original prognosis (that I was

a little sceptical about) what was actually replaced was both the LCD screen and the logic board. In short I pretty much have a new iMac.

Whilst I am really happy to get my iMac back I am worried now. My confidence in the build quality has been shaken somewhat.

At this point I should give a big thank you to the guys at Apple Store Reading as they were most helpful and actually wiped the cost of the repair (my iMac was a couple of months out of warranty). I was really happy when they wiped the reapair bill  and even more pleased when I saw that they had also replaced the motherboard.  The actual total repair cost was £1058 so you can imagine how happy I was!

The problem.

After about 13/14 months of usage I notice a dark patch of lines creaping across the screen, initially I thought it was dust but, after cleaning the glass and the front of the LCD it became apparant the problem was inside the LCD.

It would seem that one or two problems had occured.
  1. The LCD screen had not been correctly sealed (and dust had got in)
  2. The LCD had overheated for some reason and had deteriorated.

From the looks of the repair it seems that something had been faulty on the mother board, parts of it had overheated and warped the LCD.

Hopefully my iMac will be fine now but, I have to say that whilst my Apple have shone in terms of their customer service I'm now uber paranoid about the temperatiure the machine is running at.