Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Its been a while since I have done anything with this blog so about time for another post.

Lately I have been rekindling my interest in retro gaming. 
I went through a phase for quite a few years untill about 5 years ago when I was obcessed with
emulation.  MAME, PC Engine and Neo Geo were the main ones  I even used RAINE (RAINbow islands Emulator?) to play more of the Taito games (mainly for the later games in the Bubble Bobble franchise).

Occaisonally I dabbled with C64 emulation but, generally I was more interested in emulating the machines I never owned.

What brought this to an end was the demise of my main hard drive at the time (remember the Hitachi Deathstar any one -  I still have the drive and it works
periodically but, never long enough to copy content onto another device.

Recently I have had my interest reignited and I am enjoying a bit of a retro revival courtessy of PC Engine / TG 16 emulators plus a bit of SNES emulation.

Next step to get reaquainted with MAME and find out what's been going on.