Monday, 27 June 2011

Learning to not be afraid of switching off Auto.

Ever since I got my Sony DSC W200  compact camera I have really got into taking pictures.  So when said trusty compact decided to give up the ghost I decided to treat myself to a DSLR.  Along came my Canon 550D (including 30 quid cash back -which was a bonus), it was love at first sight.  The camera is great and took equally great pictures  but, one thing bugged reliance on Auto,  that lovely green icon setting which does everything for you.  For me I just felt that the relationship with my camera could not reach the deep and meaningful level untill I ventured into those other settings....manual, Av, Tv etc....

Vaguely aware of such terms as Aperture, F Stops and ISO and that they contributed to taking a picture that is as far as it went.  I resolved to lose my fear of these terms and go on a beginners photography course.
Lo! and behold GroupOn  came to my rescue offering a Beginners course for £29 at a local photography studio!

So I happily paid, booked and attended a 4 hour Saturday afternoon course at Cherry Red Studios in Camberley.  Aimed at Beginners (though equally handy for those more experienced) the course was led by an enthusiastic photographer who clearly explained all those mysterious terms us Auto junkies are scared off.  The course followed a format but, was very much student led and much time was taken to help us all out individually with our various questions and different cameras.  As the weather was good we also ventured outside to practice and test out some of the techniques we had learnt.

I can now say that whilst I am not a master of all those strange settings, I am not afraid to work with them and have resolved to not use automatic.

So, a big thank you to Cherry Red  and in particular Chantal Storrs-Barbor for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of non-Auto photography.